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Our membership resides in the heart of the cattle feeding industry in Texas. The service area is also the home of the most productive cropland in the state. Our employees are well versed in meeting the needs of our irrigation and cattle feeding customers as well as providing for the needs of the many industries and value-added activities spawned by this vibrant agricultural community.

Why Go Electric

Deaf Smith Savings Calculator

Annual fuel savings from driving an electirc vehicle: $455

The pre-set values below are an approximation of today's electricity and gasoline rates. Customize the inputs to see what kind of benefits you might get when you switch from a gasoline powered car to an electric vehicle.

How far can you travel with $2.35?

Gas Vehicle

24 Miles

Electric Vehicle

91 Miles

Vehicle Size Selector

Annual Mileage

Gas Price per Gallon

Estimated MPG of Gas

Member kWh Rate

EV kWh per Mile

Rebates and Incentives

Federal Rebates

Check out all of the makes and models that qualify for up to a $7,500 federal tax credit here.

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